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Written by Holger Schultheiß   
Saturday, 15 March 2008 11:00

Links to similar tools

  • Big Sister is a tool similar to OpenSMART. The main differences (IMHO) are:
    • No Database backend
    • No XML Configuration for checks
    • Not Pure Perl (at least for the agents)
    • decentral management for agents/updates
    • no sla reporting
  • Nagios is a tool similar to OpenSMART,too. Many users, many checks. I think the main difference is, that nagios is directed at network monitoring, where OpenSMART is directed at application monitoring.
  • Just For Fun Network Management System" monitors "just" Network checks (SNMP/Syslog/TCP Ports)
  • GKrellM monitors your Desktop (I think). No monitoring for many servers
  • OpenNMS, another Network Managment System. Directed to network monitoring through SNMP.
  • Big Brother very similar to nagios, BigSister or OpenSMART, but for commercial use not free!


Other useful links

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