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Written by Holger Schultheiß   
Thursday, 20 March 2008 07:56

To give you a small overview about the development and release cycles of OpenSMART, here are some facts:


2003-09-03: Start of development

2004-09-12: first official release 0.1 (development state alpha)

2005-03-09: anouncement if OpenSMART 0.2 (beta status)

2005-07-20: OpenSMART 0.3 released (beta)

2006-01-02: version 0.4 saw the lights of day (beta)

2006-09-03 (and about 2000 commits later): first production release 1.0 is out

2007-04-22: OpenSMART 1.1 was released

2008-03-18: version 1.2 released (this is the brand new version of OpenSMART)

2011-09: Version 2.0 will be released with brand new features, many bugfixes and many other improvements



Through this time, many, many feature enhancements, bugfixes, and improvements are applied to version control. By seeing the historical evolutions, we can say OpenSMART got its degree of ripeness for doing a very good job in monitoring and reporting in productive environments.


release plan for OpenSMART 2.0:

RFE# brief description of enhancement
% done
1920140 add compatiblity for osreporter to win32, define some defaults for reporting cpu utilization, swap in/out, network traffic
100 %
create report view to get a business summary for consumed downtimes of service level agreements
1926524 define default reporting commands for osreporter on unix platforms and create pre-defined reports
100 %
1911158 implement history display on "one-host-all-check" view

100 %

1922113 default rss feed for each filter
100 %
capacity forecasts for disk and tablespace utilisation based on reporting data


1922412 improve usability of OpenSMART agent (for details look in rfe descriptions)

100 %

1922953 checkname should be configurable (as COMMONTAG)

100 %

1881276 agent name should be configureable at check level, so that you are able to display checks in other hosts in frontend

100 %

1921264 WebSphere MQ queue clearing check: are messages beeing processed

100 %


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