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Written by Ulrich Herbst   
Monday, 17 March 2008 11:00

If you have more than one server and you can't you afford outages
during work hours (and maybe: work hours means from 0:00 - 23:59h
each day), then you know the problem: You have to monitor your
servers, the software|application and maybe some jobs on the servers.

OpenSMART, Open (Source|System) Monitoring and Reporting Tool, can
do that for you.

OpenSMART is a rich featured monitoring and reporting tool, including:

  • easy to use web frontend
  • many predefined checks for application and system monitoring
  • abiltiy to monitor HA cluster applications
  • notification of administrators by email / SMS or anything else you can script
  • collection and ad-hoc reporting of many system figures like disk space or CPU consumption
  • many checks for application monitoring report their response time, too

OpenSMART saves its data (monitoring data and reporting data) in a database. This enables you to

  • get your SLA reporting data from your database
  • get your monthly/weekly/daily performance data from your database
  • do trend analyses with your response times


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