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Written by Holger Schultheiß   
Monday, 24 March 2008 09:46

vmware image for a ready-to-use OpenSMART server is out

For an esier way to "getting started" in OpenSMART, we published a vmware image with a completely installed and functional OpenSMART server and one OpenSMART agent. Operating system is Centos4 with a enabled nightly yum update. Please make sure, that yum can connect to the internet for getting security updates etc.


And so the OpenSMART server is configured:

  • active collector server
  • active deployment server (software depot is a nightly built from 22. March 2008)
  • active config server

Server parts are installed under /home/osmart, agent parts are located under /home/osagent.

Further more, XML::Simple, CGI::Ajax, Chart and Template packages are installed. Mysql does the work as database backend. Cron daemon starts the the notifysrv every minute (as user osmart), the archiver every 10 minutes (user osmart, too), osagent runs every 5 minutes (as user osagent) and the osreporter starts reporting every 10 minutes (as user osagent).

The images is splitted into several 90-MB parts, here are the links:

  1. Start: Start of zip file md5: d5c7e74ceecef7266927dc06f46e48e5
  2. part 1 md5: f0ddfbf1c0f614caf074cfeea37faea0
  3. part 2 md5: 798796c0c4c5a8c93745e9a6b42215df
  4. part 3 md5: 5dad4cedb9e4f4125b198cabde88f6ee
  5. part 4 md5: 8f156f677975c69c24cb6019dba2768f
  6. part 5 md5: c5098a93b459fb8a8568c308ee0bf382
  7. part 6 md5: 56ff98d7cf93f772f57c888482e902bf
  8. part 7 md5: 75c197d7dd203c4d6937a1daaaa9b80c

vmware is configured, to do natting, centos will do dhcp for getting a ip adress. root pw is "startosmart"

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