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Written by Holger Schultheiß   
Saturday, 15 March 2008 08:32

here are some technical features of OpenSMART.



Key-Benefits of OpenSMART 2.0

  • database backend, supported rdbms's: DB2, Oracle, Mysql, Postgres
  • Automatic software updates/installation for OpenSMART agent through deployment server
  • Nice, ajax enabled webfrontend
  • Imagemaps for monitoring overviews
  • for the OpenSMART server: very few dependencies apart from a perl installation
  • for the OpenSMART clients (these are your production servers): just a perl installation is needed
  • XML configuration for the client (what to check), of course xml include files can be used
  • The possibility to configure "fix commands" for some errors (automatic error correction)
  • Simple integration of your own checks (Simple-Adapter), Nagios adapter also present
  • Supported Platforms: Linux, HP/UX, Solaris, *BSD, AIX, Windows (only as client) (look at Compatibility List)
  • good documentation
  • GPL
  • Conditional checks: check things only if some conditions like time or directories are given
  • Cluster-aware checks: conditional checks run in a High-Availability-Cluster only where the filesystem (and the application) is mounted
  • Checks can print operator instructions
  • RSS Feeder for state changes of checks, highly configurable
  • Very flexible notification rules can be defined
  • Flexible reporting frontend which much data to view (OpenSMART V 0.4)
  • simple sql interface for accessing reporting data
  • frontends in English and German available!
  • Many shipped checks with monitoring guides
  • multi client- / rights management in frontend
  • multi tenancy environment
  • powerful checks for monitoring logfiles based on regular expressions
  • self analyses of OpenSMART Agent by default


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