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1. New checks

- rfe #1921264: mqclearing: Are WebSphere mq messages are processed
- rfe #1925820: lvmfreespace: monitor and report free space
in volume groups
- rfe #1949671: Netbackup Monitoring / Reporting check added
- rfe #2455742: SOAP-check / reporting added.
- check tomcat / reporting jvm usage / thread count
- rfe #1381535: SNMP check for OpenSMART added
- rfe #2863590: ldap(s) check added
- raid3ware: Check for monitoring 3ware-Raid-Controller on linux added.

2. New features

- OpenSMART can now display filter states in image maps
- rfe #1911158 implemented: timestamp of state change in monitorgui added
- rfe #1922113: default rss feed for state changes on each filter
- rfe #1922953: checkname as common tag for every check
- rfe #1922412: improve usability of OpenSMART agent
-> install a default osagent.conf.xml with an absolutly minimal
configuration (OSAGENTCONFIG-tags)
-> display a message when fetching new osagent.conf.xml
(only in interactive mode)
-> add a default self-monitoring for agent, for example monitoring
the logfile for error messages.
- rfe #1881276: agent_name in each check configurable
- rfe #1891936: System-Count in Filter-View
- rfe #1920140 implemented: reporting for windows performance counters added
- each CHECKPOINT can now have a CHECKPOINTTIMEOUT on its own.
- reporting defaults for windows systems added
- defaults for reporting on linux systems added
- rfe #1934329 implemented: future maintenance entries are displayed
- in secured OpenSMART environment: use REMOTE_USER env to fill
operator name in maintenance dialog
- in secured OpenSMART environment: use REMOTE_USER env to fill
operator name in comment downtime dialog
- rfe #1926524: osreporter on unix: define defaults and report views
-> CPU utilisation reporting for linux, aix, hpux and solaris
-> IO tranfer statistics for linux, aix, hpux and solaris
-> IO-Wait report for linux added
-> swap reporting for linux, aix, hpux and solaris added
-> report traffic on network for linux added
-> usage of memory for linux, aix, hpux and solaris added
-> LPAR reporting for aix systems added
- new report for windows added: % used virtual memory
- new report: tomcat jvm usage / thread count
( task manager view 'PF-Usage' )
- rfe [ 1924249 ]: rework eventlog: not always parsing whole eventlog
- check errpt: active errpts are now written to osmart_root/var/active-errpts.error
(you don't need do do a 'errclear 0' any more)!
- rfe: 2023582: Cache parsed XML data. That speeds up the parsing section
(in every single check) with more than 750%.
- static reporting feature added (generate_report)
- oracle buffercache hitratio reporting added
- rfe 1927828: a holiday calendar can be defined for notify rules
- rfe 1948289: notify rules can now be based on filter definitions
- rfe 2697216: deploygui: sort host list
- rfe 2847658: GUI for testing notify rules added
- xml schema description for osagent.conf.xml (at least for some checks) added.
- rfe 2922656: logs check can filter output from commands, not just files.
- Add your own perl-library-pathes for the whole OpenSMART server
installation in just one file.
- rfe #3085068: notify_rules with additional script for conditions
- rfe #1465107: New archiver process, now highly configurable
- rfe #3187475: db2ts knows about autoresize tablespaces
- rfe #3273353: proc with NUMBER_MAX
- rfe #3305776: logs-check reports data from regexes
- new RUNIF-condition: RUNIF_FILE_EXISTS
- RUNIF_FILE_EXISTS does work in OSAGENTCONFIG - for all checks - too.
- report_errorlevel_per_filter added.


3. Bugfixes

- bug item #1923543 fixed: servdoc frontend is broken on OpenSMART 1.2
- bug #1925822 fixed: disk check doesn't handle FIXCMD correctly
- bug #1898835 and #1472100: complete re-write of webapp
- bug item #1934602 fixed: Filter-GUI on DB2 isn't working
- bug item #1647948 fixed:
language isn't recognized in monitorgui when using mod_perl
- bug #1469640: osreporter doesn't work for HP/UX and Solaris
- bug [ 1471295 ] fixed: re-work eventlog check
- bug #1995146 fixed: load on HP/UX does sometime wrong reporting
- bug #2019260 fixed: deployment not working with windows files
- bug #2027646 fixed: correct handling of more than one collector,
if one is failing.
- bug #2043271 fixed: incorrect report data from orats
- bug #2090636 fixed: no errorlevel given when mountpoint is inactive
- bug #2157192 fixed: osagent freezes in some timeout situation
- bug          fixed: tabulardata reports negative numbers, if very big numbers are listed
- bug #2539742 fixed: encoding problem in agent
- bug #2640532 fixed: agent-deployment changes permissions on logs/opensmart.log
- bug #2640188 fixed: archive_errors had problems with mysql
- bug #2661110 fixed: report gui broken on IE (Internet Explorer)
- bug #1925983 fixed: reportinggui: legende of graphics is wrong
- webapp: in some cases the request body of http request was not analyzed
- bug #2685959 fixed: soap check: no default errorlevel
- patches from "nobody" ( no 1953455 ) implemented: solaris compatibility added
- bugfix for mqconnect: When port is given in brackets, check fails
- bug #2922443 fixed: no FIXCMD-handling in xen-check
- bug #2922673 fixed: osagent sometimes outputs invalid xml
- Bug #2922655 fixed: logs dies with incorrect regexes.
- Bug #2928367 fixed: monitorgui outputs errors in apache.error.log
- Bug #2935790 fixed: error in osagent, if simple-entry in your osagent.conf.xml with two script-entries
- Bug #2999394 fixed: error in errpt, if OS-errpt times out.
- Bug #3022021 fixed: sometimes nbu times out.
- Bug #3035503 fixed: checkpoint reporting doesn't work correctly
in all cases
- Bug #3034910 fixed: No downtime entries if check expires
- Taint-mode for all GUIs and correct untainting of FindBin::Bin


4. Else

- reporting of websphere mq curdepth added
- reporting view for processor utilisation on windows systems added
- reporting view context switches on windows systems added
- reporting view for number of processes on windows systems added
- reporting view for number of threads on windows systems added
- reporting view for paging activity on windows systems added
- reporting view for available memory on windows systems added
- reporting view for disk utilisation on windows systems added
- reporting view for disk run queue on windows systems added
- reporting view for network utilisation on windows systems added
- reporting for linux systems with the following statistics added:
=> CPU idle reporting view
=> I/O-waits view
=> Swapping statistics
=> memory utilisation reports
=> I/O throughput reporting view
=> Network/network error throughput
- OpenSMART::dbaccess::configgui moved to OpenSMART::server::dbaccess::configgui
- OpenSMART::frontend_reporting moved to OpenSMART::server::frontend_reporting
- OpenSMART::frontend moved to OpenSMART::server::frontend
- OpenSMART::frontend_tt moved to OpenSMART::server::frontend_tt
- OpenSMART::slareporting moved to OpenSMART::server::slareporting
- OpenSMART::dbaccess moved to OpenSMART::server::dbaccess
- Handling of SQL-Statements in config for archiver and
generate_reports unifed




1. New Checks

- mqconnect: is a connect to a WebSphere MQ QueueManager possible
- mysqlconnect: is a connect to a MySQL Database possible ?
- readfile: is a file in a (maybe network-) filesystem readable ?
- db2lck: are there critical lock situation on your DB2 database

2. Bugfixes

- lock mechanism of osagent corrected
- bugfix in coding special characters to xml conform chars
- bugfix in disk: on some machines disk throws exceptions:
"illegal division by zero"
- bug item# 1763538 fixed: using alternate hostname, deployment
status not displayed
- hparray: faileure in physical drives were not detected
- deploygui: bug item# 1776920 fixed
- bug item# 1737763 fixed: MAXAPPLS will be monitored
- bug item# 1778921 fixed: added windows compatibility for oratnsping
- db2connect: no default errorlevel was set
- bug item# 1806935 fixed: archiver doesn't work correctly with DB2
- bug item# 1638721 fixed:
Deployment on Win32 fails (installed with Installer)
- bug item# 1831293 fixed: check swap broken on solaris
- syntax errors in create_db sql scipts corrected (oracle, postgres)
- bug item# 1781062 fixed: configgui is now useable with DB2
- bug item# 1833666 fixed: db2connect can deal with conditional tags
- bug item# 1835973 fixed: db2applications can't handle conditional tags
- bug item# 1837471 fixed: Wrong EXPIRED handling in frontend
- bug item# 1838039 fixed: aixswraid:
failed lsvg command won't be interpreted correctly
- bug item# 1839296 fixed: win32 compatibility for check websphere added
- bug item# 1863381 fixed: on win32 arch disk throws exception when a
partition is 100% in use.
- bug item# 1863072 fixed: eventlog throws exceptions in some special
- readfile: can now cope with zero-times
- bug item# 1886538 fixed: db2connect does not know CHECKPOINTNAME
- webapp: in case of stale tcp connections webapp got no timeout
- bug item# 1900234: major performance improvements for error history
- bug item# 1906397 fixed: All db2 checks: not able to check 2 different
- bug #2086635 fixed: oralck: Returns FATAL when there are no locks at all

3. New features

- Nearly complete renew of all OpenSMART GUI's
- now you are able to configure another hostname for your osagent
- check eventlog: complete rewrite of eventlog check for comfortable /
advanced configuration
- rfe #1743816 implemented: username / password can be specified
in db2connect check
- recursive include functionality for osagent.conf.xml added
(Look at rfe is #1743818.
- You can do something before and after a checkpoint (PRECMD, POSTCMD)
- major performance improvements on collector (backend)
- major performance improvements in monitorgui.cgi
- OpenSMART got a new Look on its frontend
- New View in monitorgui.cgi "History (Last 24 hours)"
- Reworked historygui and implemented in monitorgui
- Reporting of tablespace utilization for DB2 and Oracle added
- feature request 1879886: implement multi-client/rights management
- rfe #1401437 added: operator field for maintenance entry added
- rfe #1881489 added: ability to give "maintenance from" in entry
(for planning downtimes in pre-position)

4. Else
- load: conditional handling added
- checkpoints in state "INFO" will not be listed in "All Errors"


1. New Checks

- db2applications: monitor number of active applications on your db
- xen: monitor your Xen domains and if neccessary, restart by FIXCMD
- db2connect (rfe #1381539): check if a db2 connect to db works
- ftp: OpenSMART checks now ftp servers (even with reporting and testfile)
- smtp: Agent now comes along with a built-in smtp check for MTA's
- webpshere: check your webpshere applications server via wsadmin
- services: monitor the state (running) of your windows services

2. Bugfixes

- documentation for dns fixed
- documentation for mysql fixed
- dtd for orasessions fixed
- bug #1499609: swap-check was broken on hpux.
- bug #1555244: installation error 'cause of missing servdoc.
- encoding stuff for notify scripts corrected
- encoding stuff for osagent (output) fixed
- bug hparray check: physical drive errors are not recognized
- bug #1591981: mysql check broken on mysql version < 4.1
- bug #1592673: temp file allocation on windows systems corrected
- bug #1596931: webapp will report response time on win32 machines
- bug #1597553: load can deal with the description tag
- fixmd for webapp corrected
(fixcmd will be executed even when webapp can't establish a connection)
- fixcmd functions were broken on Win32
- bug #1659073: "pslist" must not be specified in a command-tag in proc
- bug #1659077: exact regular expressions are prepared for maintenance entries
- bug #1697453: configgui doesn't work with DB2 as backend.

3. Features

- ping knows now a RETRIES tag (see userguide)
- Extended reporting added
=> report response time of web applications
=> report database tablespace utilization
=> report oracle stuff (listener response, locks, sessions)
=> report DB2 stuff (number of applications, tablespaces)
=> report disk usage
=> report mysql performance indicators
- rfe #1567807: simple checkscript has now a Nagios Plugin adapter
- rfe #1592001: disk is operable with pstools on windows
- webapp check: can now deal with https (SSL) URL's
- The OpenSMART-GUI is now able to map a username(s) to a default filter(s)
- rfe #1495914: disk check: output of current usage of mountpoint
- rfe #1549334 implemented: New view: Grouped hosts by filter

4. Else

- Monitoring-Guide for DB2 amended
- OpenSMART comes along with a Monitoring-Guide for Xen
- Now we have a Win32 Installer for OpenSMART-Agent (NSIS)
- use of "warnings" and "diagnostics" in "normal" use deactivated
- meaningful output if the osagent.conf.xml file was not found
- css for details of checks, description and servdoc added
- rfe #1590753: Windows installation procedure added to documentation


1. New Checks

- db2ts: Checking size of DB2 DMS Tablespaces added (rfe item# 1381538)
- dns: a dns (server) check added (rfe item# 1378847)
- oralck: are there blocking locks on an oracle database (rfe item# 1425500)
- ntp-remote: monitor your ntp service (with ntpdate)
- hylafax: monitor your hylafax servers (with faxstat)

2. bugfixes

- monitorgui: Help Tab: Link to OpenSMART-documentation fixed.
- proc: COMMAND wasn't recognized (bug #1396755)
- orasessions: can deal with more then one database (bug item# 1400407)
- fixed bug item# 1401648
(throws exceptions when osagent sends the result of an deploy action)
- oratnsping: meaningful output if something went wrong (bug item# 1401525)
- orainvobj: Can't deal with more than one database (bug #1401431)
- sockets on solaris was broken (bug item# 1407399)
- OpenSMART was broken on mysql V4.0 (bug item# 1413518)
- expiregui replaced by configgui (bug# 1429751)
- notifygui replaced by configgui (bug# 1429758)
- notifysrv doesn't handle maintenance entries in errors_seen (bug# 1460894)
- wrong line endings in send POST requests (bug #1463603)
- cut checkpoints at 42 chars, not at 12 (bug #1464999)
- osagent now writes the correct configfile (bug #1475039)
- disk: /proc excluded (relevant on aix systems)
- swap: minor bugfixes
- ntp: minor bugfixes for unallowed chars in ntptrace output
- eventlog: corrected handling for inactive conditions

3. features

- rfe item# 1397796 implemented: check ping: can deal with the shipped
MSWin32 ping binary
- frontend: View "All Errors" added.
- frontend: View "All Maintenance entries" added (rfe# 1378711)
- frontend: jscalendar date menu added for maintenance entries
- full DB2-Backend support (rfe item# 1385460)
- rfe item# 1211507 implemented:
deployment GUI now displays the installed version on
each deployed OpenSMART client
- ServDoc-Integration (in osagent/collector. servdocgui for viewing added).
- Script for creating some default reports added
- frontend: Filters added. (rfe# 1459143)
- frontend: notifygui and expiregui replaced by configgui (and this
is a "filtergui", too)
- RFE #1465002: Filter selection not in data zone, but in navigation bar.
- rfe #1468297: osagent prints inactive checkpoints only, when "-V"
is given
- RFE #1459142: OpenSMART can display the history of errors in a GUI
- backend improvements: details are capped after 7000 chars, encoding corrected
- performance improvements of the notifysrv
- ping: retry feature implemented

4. Else

- DB2 Monitoring Guide added.
- Hylafax Monitoring Guide added.
- HowTo for setting up an osagent on IBM's Virtual VIO-Server


1. bugfixes:

- notifysrv: expiration doesn't work
(bug items 1247016, 1247465)
- osagent: Invalid osagent.conf.xml => osagent doesn't work anymore
(bug item# 1258619)
- check logs: logs for WebSphere MQ (MQS) was broken.
(bug item# 1246671)
- check sockets: broken on solaris and hpux
(bug items# 1247447, 1255002)
- check proc: can't deal with common-tags like runif* and fixcmd
(bug item# 1256122)
- check simple: can't deal with fixcmd
(bug item# 1258678)
- check hparray: Interim-Recovery Mode not shown as ERROR|FATAL
(bug item# 1275828)
- check webapp: can't handle fixcmd / default errorlevel not defined
(bug item# 1275669)
- check lpd: lpd broken
(bug item# 1273290)
- conditional checks: if special characters in checkpoint, lastactive
file cannot be written (bug item# 1247373)
- documentation: example for sockets was wrong
(bug item# 1247448)
- orats/oraax: No errormessages, if there aren't any active checks.
- deploymentsrv is not able to add a new host to database
(bug item# 1314661)
- do_cmd: Timeout doesn't work (#1358502)
- runonce: doesn't work correctly sometimes (#1358370)
- logs: no meaningful output for non-readable/non-existing logfiles (#1378514)
- osagent, simple, do_cmd: timeout handling fixed (#1358502,#1375075
and a log more bugs)
- no warnings, if checkdetails are empty (#1378518)
- load: no warnings about locales in solaris

2. features:

- new check: sunswraid - check your sun meta-devices
- new check: ntp - is the time-synchronisation working?
- new check: oraax - can autoextend tablespaces grow?
- new check (rfe item# 1282974): do we have enough swap space?
- new check: oratnsping - ping an oracle listener to see wether you can connect or not.
- new check: mysql - monitor values shown by "mysqladmin status" with thresholds
- rfe item# 1265616 implemented: logs have now the ability to check the age of the logfile
- rfe item# 1271613 implemented: check simple: execution timeout has to be configurable
- agent: ssl communication between OpenSMART server and agent is now possible
- server: deployment/collector server are now mod_perl compatible
- server: rss-feeder for notification added
- frontend: much better performance / mod_perl compatibility added
- logs: You can browse just complete loglines, if you want.
- seperated checkpoint details and checkpoint description into own columns
- OpenSMART Updater was developed
(rfe item# 1342362)
- All Checks know about CHECKTIMEOUT
- new check: orainvobj: find invalid objects in oracle databases

3. Else
- EXECTIMEOUT (simple-check) renamed to CHECKPOINTTIMEOUT
- Documentation (userguide) knows about common tags for checks and
common tags for checkpoints.

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