10.7. Monitoring WebSphere Application Server.

What should you configure in osagent.conf.xml to monitor your WebSphere application server / J2EE application ?

10.7.1. Checks for monitoring WebSphere application server

10.7.2. Example configuration for monitoring WebSphere

<!-- ... -->
    <!-- check the node agent (listed as process in ps -ef) -->
      The NodeAgent of the application server isn't running.
      This is maybe a bad sign - but you can try to restart it by
  <!-- check the websphere jvm (listed as process in ps -ef) -->
    WebSphere isn't running - look at your SystemOut.log / SystemErr.log
    and restart it - if possible

  <WSADMIN_APPEND>-conntype SOAP -username test -password 123</WSADMIN_APPEND>


  <!-- member of ProdCluster is Clone01 -->

    <!-- Maybe you have do define the right interface definition for
    your system http port, https port, admin console, servlet container etc. -->
    <DESCRIPTION>Socket of servlet container doen't exists - check logfiles</DESCRIPTION>
  <!-- More sockets you want to check -->

    <!-- Test your servlet container if the response is correct, also report
the reponse time (this will be done by default) -->
    <TEXT2CHECK>if you can read this, the servlet works correctly</TEXT2CHECK>
  <!-- More webapps you want to check -->

    <!-- java exceptions -->
      <REGEX>.*Exceptions in thread.*</REGEX>

    <!-- user logged off the app isn't important -->
    <LOGFILTER><REGEX>user.*logged off.*</REGEX></LOGFILTER>
    <LOGFILTER><REGEX>user.*no longer active in.*</REGEX></LOGFILTER>

      <REGEX>.*</REGEX><!-- Everything unknown -->
      <!-- That is AFTER all default priorities! -->
  <!-- More logs you want to check -->

  <!-- check if a connection to a WebSphere MQ Qmgr
       is possible
    <SCRIPTNAME>/home/osmart/bin/mqconnect -c -q qmgr1</SCRIPTNAME>