10.4. Monitoring hylafax.

What should you configure in osagent.conf.xml to monitor an hylafax server for sending and recieving faxes.

10.4.1. Checks for monitoring hylafax

  • Checking running hylafax processes with PROC

  • Checking open sockets on port 4559 with SOCKETS

  • Checking the hylafax error logs for error messages with LOGS

  • Checking disk space for /var/spool/hylafax with DISK

  • Checking the hylafax scheduler/queue with HYLAFAX

10.4.2. Example configuration for monitoring hylafax

<!-- ... -->
      hylafax isn't running. You should restart hylafax with
      /etc/init.d/hylafax start (as root)
      <!-- The restart command depends on your system... -->
  <!-- More processes you want to check -->

    <!-- Maybe you have do define the right interface definition for
    your system -->
    <DESCRIPTION>hylafax scheduler hasn't an opened socket on 4559</DESCRIPTION>
  <!-- More sockets you want to check -->

    <!-- we want to filter all proper recieved/sended fax entries
      <REGEX>FaxGetty\[\d+\]: RECV FAX \(\d+\): recvq/fax.*.tif from .*, route
 to unspecified, \d pages in \d:\d\d</REGEX></REGEX>
      <REGEX>HylaFAX\[\d+\]: .* of .* \[.*\] deleted /recvq/fax.*.tif</REGEX>
      <REGEX>FaxGetty\[\d+\]: RECV FAX \(\d+\): from .*, page \d in \d:\d\d, INF, 3.85 line/mm, .*, .* bit/s</REGEX>
      <REGEX>FaxGetty\[\d+\]: RECV FAX: bin/faxrcvd "recvq/fax.*.tif" "ttyS1"
".*" ""</REGEX>

      <REGEX>.*</REGEX><!-- Everything unknown -->
      <!-- That is AFTER all default priorities! -->
  <!-- More logs you want to check -->

  <!-- We assume, /var/spool/hylafax is a own filesystem! -->
    <DESCRIPTION>/var/spool/hylafax is getting full.</DESCRIPTION>
    <DESCRIPTION>/var/spool/hylafax is  full.</DESCRIPTION>

  <!-- More filesystems you want to check -->