Chapter 5. Install OpenSMART

Table of Contents

5.1. Names used in this chapter
5.2. Installation for the OpenSMART server parts
5.2.1. Overview of OpenSMART installation (server parts)
5.2.2. Prerequisites for OpenSMART server
5.2.3. Create an OpenSMART User
5.2.4. Directory Structure
5.2.5. Copy OpenSMART-Server-Files to directory tree
5.2.6. Web server configuration
5.2.7. Database configuration
5.2.8. Installation of the OpenSMART deployment server
5.2.9. Other Configuration on the server side
5.2.10. Tune some OpenSMART settings
5.2.11. Install the documentation
5.3. Installation for the OpenSMART client (agent-) parts
5.3.1. Overview of OpenSMART installation (agent parts)
5.3.2. Prerequisites for OpenSMART agent
5.3.3. Create an OpenSMART User
5.3.4. Directory Structure
5.3.5. Copy OpenSMART-Agent-Files to directory tree
5.3.6. Installing OpenSMART Agent on Windows
5.3.7. Other Configuration on the client/agent side
5.3.8. Test osagent
5.3.9. Cronjobs
5.3.10. Logging

5.1. Names used in this chapter

In this book, we assume, your OpenSMART server has a name '' and OpenSMART (agent and server) are installed under an userid 'osmart' in the directory /home/osmart/.